The peak of Specialty Coffee is in Spain: this is how we prepare it at Brunchit

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Spanish coffee shops have become authentic temples of coffee, and with good reason. Summer surrenders to the Specialty Coffee fever. Everyone wants to savor its nutty, earthy or fruity notes, characteristic of its artisanal cultivation cycle, and at Brunchit you can follow the seasonal line-up! We have loved Specialty Coffee since we were born, one of the many things that makes us special!

So, if you want to enjoy a good coffee in Madrid, Barcelona, Málaga, Marbella, Mallorca, Alicante, Ibiza and Oporto, we are your place 🌸 You can visit us with your pet, family or besties. And the best of all? We have coffee in special presentations to take home with you.

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Specialty Coffee at Brunchit: delicious coffee and good photos

Specialty Coffee de Brunchit - vaso térmico

Every coffee lover is always looking for new and interesting places to visit. Well, today we make it easy for you: Brunchit! We have everything you need to enjoy a perfect coffee experience: delicious coffee, delicious menus and a beautiful floral facade for your posts 💖✨.

Since Brunchit opened its doors, Specialty Coffee has become our passion. We put our heart into our exclusive specialty coffee menu, available in each of our twelve locations. Order it organic or farm-raised, smooth or robust, cold or hot, with delicious additions such as chocolate, condensed milk, caramel, almonds, vanilla, three types of plant milk and more.

Everything (and seriously, everything!) at Brunchit aligns with the standards that define Specialty Coffee. From cultivation and harvest (our coffee is 100% Arabica and from select coffee growers), to its preparation. Very different from standard or roasted commercial coffees. The skills of our baristas make you feel that the estate has traveled directly to your cup.

●Farmhouse coffee: A sensory journey from the origin. Our farm coffee comes from an exclusive selection of coffee growers, where each cup served at Brunchit transports you to the essence of coffee grown and processed with love on a particular farm. Enjoy it in all our locations!

●Organic coffee: We are passionate about coffee grown under sustainable agricultural practices, free of chemicals, to preserve the purity of the bean from the farm to your cup.

●Mild coffee: eAt Brunchit we value delicate and pleasant acidity, highlighting subtle fruity, floral or chocolate notes in each cup of smooth coffee.

●Robust coffee: If you are looking for a coffee with character, our robusto coffee is perfect for you. Its pronounced and bitter flavor, with balanced acidity, will captivate you from the first sip.

●Cold or hot coffee: two ways to serve the coffee you will love, anything goes!

Ready to order your Specialty Coffee in Madrid or at any Brunchit location?

Specialty coffee is also taken home

Specialty Coffee de Brunchit - máquina marzocco

Brunchit Coffee Roasters

The coffee lover takes his coffee everywhere! If you are in this mood you can take our 100 % Arabica coffee bags. They preserve the pure essence of organic coffee, with a fresh, floral and vanilla aroma.

Are you a flavor person? You will love feeling the notes of caramel, dried fruits and bitter cocoa in every sip.

Coffee Take Away

If you prefer practicality, we have our “Coffee Take Away” system. Choose any coffee from our menu and we will prepare it for you to enjoy wherever you prefer. Walking with a glass of coffee in your hand? Very Miranda Priestly, we love!

Thermal vessels

For all coffee and Brunchit loyalists, we have adorable thermal glasses for only €7. With them, your coffee will stay hot for hours. Guess what else. If you refill your glass on your next visit, we'll give you 15 % off. Useful for the planet, for you and for us!

Everything ready for a Specialty Coffee in Barcelona and at any Brunchit location.

Specialty Coffee Brunchit style

What else are you looking for? Different types of quality milk, 100 % organic coffee, professional baristas and La Marzocco machines (the Ferrari of coffee machines and Brunchit partners). Our experts carry out careful and consistent preparation to achieve the desired flavor and strength in each cup.

When we serve, we do so in the appropriate cup to preserve its aroma and flavor, offering various milk options to personalize the coffee according to your preferences.

A coffee with 80 tasting points

Specialty Coffee de Brunchit - vaso térmico

Our farm coffee receives a rating of +80 points out of 100 on the SCA quality scale. This promotes excellence throughout the coffee supply chain, from crop to cup. You know what it means? We meet the highest quality standards in terms of flavor, aroma, acidity, body and balance.

Order your Specialty Coffee and include a delicious brunch

If you are in Spain and are looking for a floral facade that looks good with your coffee and your aesthetic outfit, there is no other place than Brunchit.

We accept pets, besties, family, boyfriends and summer hookups. You'll love the experience and our delicious obsession with coffee and (spoiler alert) brunch.

You can find us in Malaga, Marbella, Madrid, Ibiza, Barcelona, Mallorca and Alicante. And if you are in Portugal, you can also visit us in Porto.

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